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Head of School Message

Hello, WYIS Community. My name is Christopher Rehm, and I'm pleased to be the Head of School at WYIS.

WYIS is a special place.

I have worked at six schools on three continents in my 20 years in education. But through my career as a teacher, administrator, and educational consultant, I have also visited dozens of additional schools around the world. So when I state that WYIS is a special place and a great school, it is through this perspective of having worked with and visited numerous other schools and having connected with hundreds of other educators over my career.

We are strong academically. We are strong not simply because we admit great students who matriculate to excellent universities but rather because we help each student learn and advance on their individual path. Our curriculum is academically rigorous yet also focuses on character education and social emotional learning which are essential for future success.

If there is one word that I would use to describe the educational magic that happens within our school, it is the word “personal.”

Our community cares deeply for each individual student. Our education is personal because we know our students and help them grow on an individualized path. Our instruction and program is personalized to help each student achieve their best.

We are invested in the development of the whole student, not just academics. Our program creates opportunity for this, and our teachers live out their devotion to the students daily.

I welcome you to visit our special school community, and I hope to see you on campus soon.

With Gratitude,

Christopher J. Rehm, Ph.D.
Head of School


21st Century Education


At WYIS, we seek to develop well-rounded students through a wide range of academic and extracurricular activities.


WYIS students receive a world-class education. That's why they are accepted to so many top universities around the globe.


WYIS has qualified, experienced staff from the United States, Canada, Europe, Africa, and Asia.


WYIS is located in a purpose-built campus, designed to meet the learning needs of international students in the 21st century.

Enrollment for 2023/2024

Registration for new students wanting to enroll at WYIS for the 2023/2024 school year is now OPEN. Please fill out the online application form HERE.

Here is a brief timeline for applications for Fall Semester 2023/2024:
March 1 - Online registration opens
March - Submission of supporting documents and other forms
April & May - Admissions interviews and tests
Mid June - Offers made to successful applicants

Note: If you previously applied to WYIS and were not successful, it is necessary that you resubmit your application.

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Autumn M. (Parent)
Irene K. (Parent)
Fabienne C. (Parent)

"When my children first attended WYIS, only my two eldest children could speak English. The other two couldn’t speak or understand anything. It was really difficult for them. But their teachers and other students helped them a lot. Even if they couldn’t understand anything, in the beginning, they were encouraged every day and praised for their growth.

After two years, my children have grown a lot! I have never seen my son Édouard so happy at school before. At WYIS, he has found a safe place to learn and has made friendships from around the world. My youngest son Charles speaks like an American now and he’s so happy to go to school every day. My daughter is also very happy at WYIS. She has discovered the real significance of the words: community, respect, and friendship.

As a parent, I have enjoyed all the events that WYIS has to offer. Some of my favorites have been International Day, Christmas events, Sciences fair, Graduation, and all the different showcases. Even though English is not my first language, everyone has been so welcoming and encouraging.

The last thing I have to say is MERCI! Thank you so much to the teachers who have taught my children and thank you for being welcoming and encouraging to my family. This has been an amazing experience and is a favorite memory of our lives. We are proud to be part of the WYIS community."

Diana W. (Parent)

"WYIS is the first international school our children have attended. We have experienced a great learning environment with knowledgeable and patient teachers who have a strong passion for helping their students grow. We are very fortunate to be here.

The biggest change we've seen in our children is their interest in reading, especially for English books. They were already interested in reading before coming to Wuhan, but after receiving encouragement from their teachers and classmates, they enjoy reading more during their spare time. They have built a positive reading habit that we believe will benefit them throughout their life.

Another big change is that they are now more open-minded, creative, and respect multi-cultural differences. Students at WYIS are encouraged to think creatively. Our children have worked on different types of projects at school, some by themselves, and some with their classmates. While working on projects, they have learned how to look up information, organize data with their own thoughts and opinions, and present to others in their own words. They have also learned how to communicate and cooperate with their classmates during group projects. With classmates from all over the world, they have learned how to respect others with different cultures."

Pascual L. (Parent)

"We have been at this school for three years and our children have learned a lot. They can now understand, read, and speak English fluently. They even prefer to read books or watch TV in English rather than in Spanish or French. They have met a lot of new friends from different countries.

At WYIS they have been very happy, the other students and teachers are all very respectful. The American learning method of WYIS has been a great discovery for us. It does not focus on memorization of facts for a single exam, rather it emphasizes a good work ethic throughout the year and a holistic education. Individual and collective projects, presentations to the class, and other activities have been an effective way to teach my children. They really had an enjoyable time in the classroom at WYIS."

Jack L. (Former student)

"I am a graduate from WYIS and I’m happy to share with all of you that I have been admitted to Dalton! Without all of you to guide me through my eight years at WYIS, I would definitely have not been able to achieve this. I am abundantly blessed to have the chance to study in a school such as WYIS. The learning atmosphere WYIS has provided to me was absolutely perfect. Teachers, your help, and influence have been crucial to my growth and development. I am very honored to have once been part of this community.

I deeply miss WYIS, every single aspect of it; my fellow friends, the awesome teachers, the caring faculty, and the brilliant soccer field. It goes without saying that the eight years spent here were eight years well-spent. I can’t wait to visit WYIS and meet my teachers and friends again when I come back to China."


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